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Elementary Instruction

Hawkins County is the proud home to 12 elementary schools that serve over 2,500 students in kindergarten through fifth grades. During the elementary years, students begin to develop and attain foundational skills, critical thinking, utilize technology, and become confident and productive students in order to be prepared for the middle and high school years. Our schools strive to provide a safe, nurturing, and engaging environment that allows students to explore and deepen their understanding of the Tennessee State Standards and the world around them.  

Hawkins County provides a well-rounded education which is vital for the future success of all of our students. Our faculty and staff are dedicated and highly qualified. Below is information about our programs. 



Hawkins County Schools utilizes Benchmark Advance 2021, a research-based comprehensive K–5 reading, writing, and language arts program, which best supports children as they learn to read and write and also is aligned to the depth of our state literacy standards. This program develops our students to become lifelong independent readers and empowers them to become confident citizens as they contribute to the world around them.

The Foundational Skills Literacy Plan for Hawkins County Schools is TDOE approved and can be found here.


Science/Social Studies 

Hawkins County kindergarten through second grade literacy units imbed TN Science and Social Studies standards within the literacy block. Grades third through fifth follow a separate TN Science and Social Studies pacing guide for each subject.



Hawkins County math instruction focuses on teaching students to have conceptual understanding about mathematicsThe mathematics curriculum, Go Math!,  is used throughout the district in grades K-8.  During these important foundational years, students receive a high-quality, challenging, and accessible math education. Mathematics training for elementary teachers focuses on teaching math creatively and interactively while utilizing manipulatives, real world examples, and technology to develop their students’ problem solving abilities and critical thinking skills. Teachers strive to demonstrate the practical application of mathematics in the daily lives of their students. 



Each elementary classroom in Hawkins County has an Interactive White Board to use for hands-on learning.  In addition, chromebooks, iPads, and document cameras are also used to enhance instruction. Technology is utilized on a regular basis to support teaching across all disciplines.  Technology is supported through job-embedded training and professional development for elementary teachers in using technology effectively in the classroom.


Character Education


Hawkins County Schools supports the social, emotional, and academic needs of elementary students through the implementation of developmentally appropriate comprehensive elementary school counseling programs. Through school counseling programs, students can take part in individual counseling, small group counseling, classroom counseling, character education, and student support services. By providing these educational, prevention, and intervention activities, school counselors ensure that all students are taught the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for academic growth, social/emotional development, and college and career readiness, which serve as the foundation for future success. Elementary school counselors align their programs with the Tennessee State Board of Education School Counseling Model and Standards and the needs of the school they serve. Elementary school counselors are licensed, trained, and caring professionals who are available to work with all stakeholders and abide by the American School Counselor Association Ethical Standards for School Counselors.


Physical Education


Physical Education classes, along with opportunities for physical activity,  are a vital part of our school day. We recognize that there is a direct correlation between our students’ health and their ability to learn and be successful in school. Hawkins County Schools promotes the use of the nationally recognized SPARK PE curriculum in each of our Physical Education classrooms. Each Physical Education lesson is designed to introduce students to physical activities that will help them remain active and fit throughout their lives. Physical Education classes and daily physical activity play a critical role in leading the fight against childhood obesity in our community.



The Arts



Each elementary school provides hands-on, interactive learning experiences through art and music.  Students have the opportunity to express themselves through music, drawing, painting, and numerous other types of media used in the Arts classroom.  Music and Art teachers plan instruction that supports and enhances the content of the core academic instruction. The Arts stimulate the imagination, boost self-esteem, and provide a sense of accomplishment as students are free to be creative and learn through these activities. Through the Arts, students are developing fine motor skills, language skills, social skills, and problem solving skills. 





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