If you have a child ready to enroll in school for the 2020-2021 school year, click the link below to begin the enrollment process.  If you already have a Skyward account, you can enroll the new student using your current Family Access account by clicking the *NEW* Student Enrollment tab.  If your child is currently enrolled in HCS in grades K-12, you do not need to complete this process.  

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Attendance, Homebound, Home School, and Migrant

Your child's attendance plays a crucial role in his/her success! Studies show that if your child misses more than 10% of the school year, or about 17 days, he/she is less likely to do well in school. Missing only 2 days a month can put your child at risk of being chronically absent and in danger of getting behind academically. 

Skyward Family Access is a great resource to monitor your child's attendance, grades, and discipline! Parents, please see the link on the left to sign up for an account.  There is also a free Skyward app available in the App Store for both iPhones and Android phones.  

Documents and forms for homebound, independent home school, out of zone and non-resident applications, and many others are accessible by clicking the "Documents" links below.

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Patrick Fraley

Patrick Fraley 
Attendance Supervisor

423.272.7629  Ext:2018
Email: Patrick.fraley@hck12.net



Link for teachers, administrators, parents, and others to access student information. 

New Student Enrollment

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How to enroll in a PDC course
This video gives step by step instructions to guide you through enrolling in courses.

Skyward Professional Development Center (PDC)
Employees, use this link to take on-line training classes for Skyward.  Please see your school Data Clerk or principal for your username and password.   For in-service credit, teachers need to take "Educator Access Plus Quick Start" and the appropriate "Gradebook Quick Start".


Attendance Manual

HCBOE Attendance Policy


State Attendance Rule

FPO Manual (Formerly CPM)

Home School

TN Home School Information

Notice of Intent to Home School

2019-2020 Home School Calendar

2020-2021 Home School Calendar

Tennessee Academic Standards

Tennessee Graduation Requirements

    Tennessee Assessments 

    Meningococcal Information
    In compliance with T.C.A. § 49-6-3050(d): The department of education shall provide annually to home schools with which they have contact information about meningococcal disease and the effectiveness of vaccination against meningococcal disease at the beginning of every school year. - See more information at http://tn.gov/education/topic/home-schooling-in-tn#sthash.9TVdilpM.dpuf


    Skyward Family Access

    Family Access Overview for Parents

    If you need the login information for your Family Access account, please contact your child's school. If you have multiple children at multiple schools, you may call any school that any one of your children attends. 

    Once you have a Family Access username and password, click here to access the site.

    Additional Info

    We at Hawkins County Schools realize the important role active parents play in their children’s education. Family Access provides online information for parents regarding grades, attendance, discipline, and test scores. Students can use Student Access to check their own grades and make sure they aren’t missing any assignments.

    Please click the "Family Access Information" link below for more details. 


    Patrick Fraley
    Supervisor, Attendance
    Patrick Fraley

    423.272.7629  Ext:2018

    Email Mr. Fraley

    Mrs. Teresa Q. Helton
    Administrative Assistant
    Mrs. Teresa Q. Helton Administrative Assistant

    423-272-7629  Ext:2003

    Email Mrs. Helton

    Mrs. Mitzie Carr
    Administrative Assistant
    Mitzie Carr

    (423)272-7629  Ext. 2423

    Email Mitzie.Carr@hck12.net

    Mrs. Calae Gilliam
    Attendance Officer
    Calae Gilliam

    (423) 272-7629  Ext:5016

    Email Mrs. Gilliam

    Mr. Nathan Lawson
    District Home Bound Teacher

    Mr. Nathan  Lawson Teacher, Homebound

    (423) 272-7629 Ext:5406

                                                      Email Mr. Lawson

    Mrs. Kristin Deal
    Attendance Officer
    Mrs. Kristin Deal Attendance Officer

    (423) 272-7629  Ext:5398

    Email Mrs. Deal

    Mrs. Jacinda Trent
    District Home Bound Teacher
    Mrs. Jacinda Trent, District Home Bound Teacher

                                                                                                 Email Mrs. Trent