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Cherokee High School recently hosted the NJROTC Area Nine Sail Academy held at Camp Davy Crockett Boy Scout Camp.

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The annual academy event began on Sunday May 31st and ended on June 5th 2015.

Thirty cadets made up from four schools attended the academy: Cherokee NJROTC, Sullivan North NJROTC, David Crockett NJROTC, and Boyd County Kentucky NJROTC.

These cadets get a chance previously reserved for those cadets on the coasts – a chance to become sailor in just three days!

Cadets sailed on Cherokee Lake, Whitesburg, TN under the instruction of experienced sailors from the BSA and NJROTC instructors at Camp Davy Crockett.

The focus of the event was on fun and success.

A normal day at the Academy begin with reveille, followed by brief PT, breakfast and sailing.

At the lake cadets will learn everything they need to know to become confident small boat sailors, including: safety on the water, weather, seamanship, rules of the road, and the physics of sailing, knot tying, rigging, and sailing on all points of sail.

After a long day on the water, the cadets enjoyed time for card games, informal sports and/or stories around the camp fire.

At the end of June, Cherokee cadets were in attendance at the Area Nine East NJROTC Leadership Academy and CO/XO School at the Clyde Austin 4-H Center in Greeneville, TN.

The academy was hosted by Cocke County NJROTC. The purpose of the leadership academy is to help prepare selected NJROTC cadets for leadership roles in their respective units.

The objectives of Leadership Academy are: to promote habits of orderliness and precision, and to develop respect for constituted authority; to challenge and motivate cadets to push toward their physical and intellectual limits, (cadets will continually be called upon to meet high standards of personal appearance, self-discipline, and meticulous attention to detail); to instill a high degree of personal honor, self-reliance, and confidence in each cadet by presenting a military environment in which cadets will be forced to rely upon themselves and their shipmates to study, work, and learn; and to enhance the basic attitude, knowledge and skills required to practice the art of leadership.

Leadership Academy is intended for upcoming juniors and seniors and is designed to help teach and motivate them for potential leadership positions at their individual Units.

The Academy is not recommended for upcoming sophomores, however a few “Hard Charges” from area units are permitted from the sophomore class. Leadership Academy is physically, emotionally and mentally demanding, but a very rewarding experience.

All cadets who come well prepared will receive a tremendous benefit from this program.

The Senior Naval Science Instructor is responsible for ensuring that only the top candidates are recommended for this training.

The main objective of the Academy is to return a highly motivated cadet who will provide leadership for the unit for the next school year—a cadet who can come in and supervise, organize and train other unit members.

Cherokee’s CO, Cadet Shelby Johnson, was selected as the Commanding Officer of the 2015 Leadership Academy.

She was responsible under the academy Officer in Charge to exercise the plan of the day.

Cadets Larinda Henley and Bradley Thacker were selected as the Honor Cadets for their perspective Leadership Platoons and were awarded medals by Chief Warrant Officer David McCuistion of Cocke County NJROTC.

Cadets Tayler Bledsoe, Timmy Holbrook, Jesse Harrell, Makaylee Carroll, Brittaney Gulley, Donald Kiser, and Madison Davis were selected as Cadet Cadre Instructors. The following cadets attended Basic Leadership Academy (BLT): James Phillips James Henley, Hunter Barker, Autumn Hazen, Matthew Johnson, and Matthew Henley. The following attended Leadership Academy: Hunter Rogers, Clinton Sarroh, Bradley Thacker, Adams, Jonathan Newhouse, Larinda Henley, and Virginia Hale. Cadets Shelby Johnson and Timmy Holbrook attended Co/XO school during the academy.

July 8th, 2015 5:30 pm by Clyde H. Shumate, Ed. S.

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