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Volunteer High School's Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps earned 3rd Place in the Elite Division

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Volunteer High School's Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps earned 3rd Place in the Elite Division at the Daniel Boone Invitational Drill meet on Saturday January 16, 2016.

The team competed in Armed Squad, Unarmed Squad, Color Guard, and Personnel Inspection. The First-Year Cadets marched in Armed and Unarmed Squad for experience, but were not eligible for awards. Individual Cadets participated in Dual Exhibition, and Armed and Unarmed Knock-Out.

Military Drill teaches Cadets self-discipline, teamwork, attention to detail, and persistence. Cadets drill with and without inert dummy drill rifles, armed and unarmed. Squads are elements of 7-10 Cadets while Platoons are 13-17 Cadets. The Color Guard marches the American flag and organizational flag for ceremonial purposes. The Personnel Inspection teaches Cadets about personal appearance, poise, bearing, confidence, and interviewing skills. Exhibition is a free-style form a drill that Cadets work on alone or with a partner, this includes spins and throws as well as intricate movements. Knock-out is a fun event that tests a Cadet's individual mastery of stationary drill; Armed Knock-out had approximately 75 Cadets to start and Unarmed Knock-out started with more than 200. Cadets are "knocked-out" of the competition if they make a mistake in the eyes of the judges.

Volunteer Cadets earned the following:

Overall - 3rd Place Elite Division

Personnel Inspection - 2nd Place - Led by Billy Horne

Armed Squad - 2nd Place - Commanded by Steven Hoe

Unarmed Squad - 3rd Place - Commanded by Chris Spitzer

Color Guard - 3rd Place - Commanded by Emily Rhoton

Armed Knock-out - 3rd Place - Larry Livesay

Armed Knock-out - 10th Place - Cheyenne Miller

Although they did not place, Emily Rhoton and Billy Horne competed in the Dual Exhibition. Levi Trent commanded the First-year Unarmed Squad and Aaron Keith commanded the First-year Armed Squad, the first-year squads were ineligible for awards, but competed for experience.

The mission of Navy JROTC is to instill the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment. Trips to military bases and universities around the region help accomplish this mission by showing cadets the opportunities that await upon completion of high school. Cadets receive academic credit for their enrollment in JROTC while earning community service hours, participating in extracurricular activities, and developing leadership attributes. Cadets have no military obligation for participating in JROTC, but they can receive promotion in the armed forces should they choose to enlist.

Attached Photos:

Boone 3rd Place Elite Division 2016 Unit - Emily Rhoton, Tiffany Bolden, Cheyenne Miller, Canda Olson, Caitlyn Webb, Gavin Gilliam, Samantha Bennett, Augustine Rangel, Drake Daniels, Larry Livesay, Jimmy Devine, Megan Painter, Billy Horne, (Kneeling) Steven Hoe, Levi Trent, Aaron Keith, Chris Spitzer (l-r) 

Boone Armed 1st Year Squad 2016 - Commanded by Aaron Keith

Boone Armed Knock-Out 2016 - Cheyenne Miller and Larry Livesay

Boone Armed Squad - Commanded by Steven Hoe

Boone Color Guard 2016 - Steven Hoe, Billy Horne, Emily Rhoton, and Megan Painter (l-r)

Boone Dual Exhibition 2016 - Emily Rhoton and Billy Horne (l-r)

Boone Personnel Inspection 2016 - Chris Spitzer

Boone Unarmed 1st Year Squad 2016 - Commanded by Levi Trent

Boone Unarmed Squad 2016 - Commanded by Chris Spitzer


Steven D. Bickford, MEd

Major USMC (ret)

Senior Naval Science Instructor

Volunteer High School

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